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2013-14 Contest Calendar

 Voting Polls Open
    Nov. 11th
    Nov. 12th-19th
    Jan. 31st
  Jan. 27th  
 The Music Challenge**
   Mar. 10th
   A Paradise
   Apr. 27th
*Holiday Cards: This will differ from a normal contest. There will be no online poll. Several entries will be selected to appear on the holiday cards that we sell for fund-raising in late November-early December. Instead of the regular gift card prizes, the artists will receive a portion of the money made from the sales of their card design. Artwork will be accepted, but any writing entries for this contest should be no more than 25 words to potentially be turned into a typographic card cover. Additionally, we will extend the entry limit to 3 entries per person (as opposed to 1 per person.)

**The Music Challenge: The climactic contest of the year! Choose a song as inspiration for your art or writing. Contest entries will be required to be submitted with a brief explanation of why or how the entry is representative of the music. Celia Lavoie, our music blogger here on Ellipsis, serves as guest judge for this contest only. Prizes are $10 iTunes gift card!

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Current Contest

Singularity Contest (Deadline Extended to January 31st!)