Centerville High School Literary Arts Magazine

2013-2014 Ellipsis Staff

In the 2013-14 school year, there will be four officers with equal responsibility in their respective departments.
Left to right: Susan Yeh, Caroline Tran, Anu Vajapeyajula. Not pictured: Emily Pantuso.

Anu Vajapeyajula

Contest Director
Caroline Tran

Susan Yeh

Publicity Director
Emily Pantuso

2012-2013 Ellipsis Staff

Back row: Victoria Horner, Hyeji Kim, Caroline Danzi, Caroline Tran, Demi Fang.
Front row: Susan Yeh, Sharon Yeh, Anu Vajapeyajula.
Demi Fang '13

Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Hyeji Kim '13

Contest Directors
Caroline Tran '14
Anu Vajapeyajula '14
Zara Qureshi '13

Contest Judges
Caroline Danzi '13
Ameer Hafeez '14
Zenab Hafeez '16
Victoria Horner '16
Nik Kerry '13
Zara Qureshi '13
Caroline Danzi '13

Flyer Designs
Emily Pantuso

Celia Lavoie '15
Sarah Crump '16

Web Management
Demi Fang '13

2011-2012 ellipsis staff

Left to right: Caroline Tran, Emilia Zywot, Rachel Au, Demi Fang, Zara Qureshi, and Caroline Danzi

Colleen Kochensparger, class of 2012
Demi Fang, class of 2013

Director: Emilia Zywot, class of 2012
Assistant Director: Caroline Tran, class of 2014

Treasurer: Caroline Danzi, class of 2013
Fundraising Assistant: Michael Wen, class of 2013

Anu Vajapeyajula, class of 2014;
Anam Hussain, class of 2013
Rachel Au, class of 2013
Zara Qureshi, class of 2013

Video Advertising
Director: Emily Hohman, class of 2013
Assistant Director: Jeen Na, class of 2013
Anam Hussain, class of 2013
Nik Kerry, class of 2013

E-mail Coordinator
Hyeji Kim, class of 2013

Web Management
Demi Fang, class of 2013
Assistant: Hyeji Kim, class of 2013

Celia Lavoie, class of 2015

Huda Khanzada, class of 2013

2011-2012 special recognition

December 2011:

Michael Wen-- hand-printing all Christmas card orders!

March 2012:

Volunteers Eileen Markert, Kajri Sheth, Susan Yeh, and staff members Colleen Kochensparger, Emilia Zywot, Hyeji Kim, Emily Hohman, and Anu Vajapeyajula--taking from their lunchtimes to sell our bracelets!

Rachel Au, Caroline Danzi, Demi Fang, Hyeji Kim, Colleen Kochensparger, Katie Stemmer, Sarah Yeh, Sharon Yeh, Susan Yeh, and Emilia Zywot -- hand-making all 50+ bracelets!

Jeen Na, Huda Khanzada, Hyeji Kim, Zara Qureshi, Anam Hussain, and Emilia Zywot--  taking their advisory morning time to visit 100-some advisories to help spread the word about Ellipsis!